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The process of exporting goods from Israel is a complex one, requiring a lot of attention and maximum control of all its aspects, such as: taxes, documentation, costing, payment methods and more. An incorrectly filled exports form, for instance, can cause problems with the Israeli customs or with the customs of the country of export, delays in exporting the goods and in some cases even lead to cancellation of the deal. For this reason, it is paramount to select a professional company specializing in quick and efficient export solutions.

Airgate has years of experience in air and sea freight. Its exports services will enable you to send parcels and cargo of various sizes to any destination, with peace of mind. The company team takes care of all aspects of exporting goods from Israel, and will accompany you throughout the whole process from beginning till end: right from the preparation stages, through leaving the country and up to the goods’ arrival at their destination, paying a strict attention to speedy transport times and to particularly efficient and dedicated service.

Airgate’s exports services include a variety of solutions, such as:

– Advice regarding the most appropriate export options

– Handling the paperwork and coordinating the customs processes in Israel and abroad

– Pre – export packaging and storage services

– Minimizing the taxes, transport and storage expenses

– Internal transport services (in Israel and abroad)

– Solutions for special equipment such as: fragile cargo, dangerous materials, cold storage product and more

– Urgent transport solutions

– Shipments consolidation services and their distribution at various destinations

Airgate has a professional and skilled team which specializes in finding creative solutions to a whole range of situations, in the fastest possible response time, with a personal, courteous and professional attitude.

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