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The process of importing goods to Israel is lengthy and complex, requiring the capability of dealing with a variety of issues, among them: bureaucratic obstacles, finding logistic solutions such as transporting the goods from and to the port, finding storage solutions, dealing with complex cargos (delicate or fragile equipment, shipments requiring controlled temperature etc.), unexpected schedule changes and more.

At Airgate we offer you, the importer, an entirety of advanced professional services, which include the utmost solutions for imports by sea, air and land.

Airgate’s skilled team will be at your side throughout the whole process, from the point of departure and up to delivery at the assigned destination, and will ensure that each shipment reaches its destination in the quickest, safest way while adhering to schedules and in accordance with your allocated budget.

Thanks to the experience and skill of our professional team we can deal with any sort of problem or difficulty which might turn up during the import process, and find the most creative, profitable and appropriate solution, with emphasis on personal and courteous attitude to any query on any subject.

Import solutions for air shipment from all over the USA

Airgate offers consolidation service on a regular and weekly basis from the main airports in the USA as well as cargo collection from anywhere in the USA to four main warehouses:

New York – Daily consolidation on direct flights

Los Angeles – Twice a week consolidation service

Chicago – Weekly consolidation service

Miami – Weekly consolidation service

Solutions for vehicle imports from the USA

Airgate provides air and sea transport services of vehicles by personal importing. The service consists of transport within the USA to the New York port and either sea or air shipping to one of the ports in Israel.

As well as the transport services we provide a customs clearance service and its registration with the Ministry of Transport. It is a quick, efficient and reliable service.

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