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Airgate is a reliable, long-established company, specializing in all kinds of international cargo shipping.


We offer professional and high quality sea freight services, with personal escort which will enable you to transfer your cargo to its destination in the most secure and low priced manner. The sea freight department of Airgate offers a wide variety of sea shipping solutions, such as: whole and partial container shipping, refrigerated shipments, food, textiles, raw materials, machines, personal items and more. Airgate provides transport services from the supplier’s premises and from sea-ports everywhere at attractive prices.

It is customary nowadays to export and import products in one of three ways: air, inland or sea. The term “Sea Freight” refers to the transport of goods from one country to another by sea, using containers transported by special cargo vessels.

Sea freight has a few major advantages

– The cost of sea freight is significantly lower than the cost of air freight

– Unlike air freight, there is no size limit on sea shipped cargo. Nor are there restrictions on the kinds of goods shipped. It is possible to ship containers loaded with very large or heavy goods, or goods prohibited on board of airplanes, such as chemicals.

– Sea freight makes it possible to import a particularly large quantity of goods in one or more containers, or import of a smaller quantity in a container in partnership with another client, thus saving in shipping expenses.

– Goods can be stored in warehouses close to the port for a period prior to their being loaded on board cargo vessels.

– The packaging of goods shipped by sea is cheaper than of those shipped by air or inland.

When planning to import or to export goods by sea, it is paramount to consider a number of parameters which affect the costing of the shipment:

1. The size of the cargo, its measurements and its shape.

2. The weight of the cargo.

3. The destination of the cargo.

4. Special shipping conditions such as heating or cooling.

International sea freight is a convenient and low cost way of transporting goods overseas, be it commercial cargo or personal items. However, it is important to remember that the time to reach the destination is longer, which means that this sort of transport is suitable mainly for large quantities of goods the delivery of which is not urgent.

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